About Us
Established in 1996, Tusker International's principals, Jennie Bedford and Douglas Mason, have over 60 years of combined professional experience. 
Jennie is an experienced, professional editor and publisher who lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. She specializes in technical writing and editing and has an extensive business and adult education background. 

Jennie is the author of:
  •   Legal Keys
  •   The Canadian Office
  •   Pitman Office Handbook Workbook. 

Her latest authoring and publishing accomplishments are:
  •   Legal Keys, 4th Edition
  •   Legal Terminology: The Basics, 2nd Edition
  •   Introduction to Law, 2nd Edition
  •   Challenge! Integrated Projects, 1st Edition
  •   Challenge! EASY Keyboarding Drills, 8th Edition
  •   Challenge! Keyboarding Drills, 8th Edition. 
Doug has worked in the computer industry, corporate training, and continuing education areas for 40 years. He has designed, authored, and taught many software training courses.