About Us
Established in 1996, Tusker International's principals, Jennie Bedford and Douglas Mason, have over 60 years of combined professional experience. 
Jennie was born and educated in England. Her first job with Barclays Bank introduced her the world of executor and trusteeship – an excellent training ground for the wills and estates area of law. 
After working at Shell Oil as a personal assistant, she began a career as an executive assistant with S.G. Warburg, merchant bankers. Her work involved high-level corporate finance (takeovers and mergers) and investment management.
When Jennie and her husband emigrated to Canada, she worked for a senior partner at a large Vancouver, British Columbia law firm. This position exposed her to a wide range of legal disciplines including conveyancing; corporate records; civil, family, and criminal litigation; and wills and estates. She expanded her legal knowledge further by working for the managing partner of another Vancouver law firm.
With her extensive legal knowledge, Jennie was approached by Vancouver Community College, City Centre Campus, to teach their Legal Program. During her years with the college, she worked 
closely with Vancouver law firms – keeping her skills up to date and training students to meet the law firms’ needs.

​As Jennie realized the need for legal course materials that really challenged students to use their common sense and initiative, she first worked with a major Canadian publisher then formed her own publishing house to write and publish a variety of legal texts and educational courses.

Jennie lives in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia with her husband Doug. She continues to work with the legal profession to bring the best possible materials to today’s legal students. 


Doug worked in the computer industry, corporate training, and continuing education areas for 40 years. He designed, authored, and taught many software training courses.