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Legal Keys: Organization
Each of Legal Keys eight units is devoted to one area of law. Each is self-contained, so students may work on the units in any order. The drills and timings in each unit increase in length and difficulty as students progress through the unit. 
Word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph practice provides students with an opportunity to 
practise accurate keying of the legal terminology. Students are encouraged to look up the meanings of unfamiliar terms.
One-, two-, three-, five-, and ten-minute timings are of adequate length to challenge students who have varying keying speeds. All students have ample opportunity to practise both keying speed and accuracy.
Comprehension 1 presents a series of sentences related to the preceding one-minute timed writings, but the legal terminology is missing. Students are required to fill in the missing legal terms.
Comprehension 2 presents a series of words that students must put into sentences of their own composition.
Comprehension 3 presents a series of sentences containing misused and misspelled words; incorrect grammar, punctuation, and capitalization; as well as factual errors. Students are required to locate the errors and key the sentences correctly.
Production Exercises give students an opportunity to produce generic legal correspondence and documentation. The exercises incorporate legal terms from the preceding drills and timings in the unit and are designed to encourage students to use their common sense and initiative. They contain factual, formatting, terminology, spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors that students are expected to correct. 
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Each unit is organized as follows:
  •  Word practice (20 words)
  •  Phrase practice (10 phrases)
  •  One-minute timings (5 timings)
  •  Comprehension 1 (6 sentences)
  •  Sentence practice (12 sentences) 
  •  Two-minute timings (4 timings) 
  •  Comprehension 2 (10 words)
  •  Paragraph practice (6 paragraphs) 
  •  Three-minute timings (3 timings) 
  •  Comprehension 3 (12 sentences)
  •  Five- or ten-minute timings (3 timings) 
  •  Production exercises (6 exercises)