Legal Terminology: The Basics, 3e
This updated 100% Canadian text now comprises 8 Units. 
The text covers:
  •   an Introduction to Legal Terminology (New Unit)
  •   general law
  •   civil law and litigation
  •   criminal law
  •   family law
  •   corporate law
  •   real estate law
  •   wills and estates law. 

​Each unit has at least one Scenario which follows a fictitious family as it faces various legal situations. These Scenarios help students to put each area of law into an everyday perspective.
In each Unit, students build their knowledge by engaging in 
non-threatening Guessing Questions (New). 

To further enhance students' learning, Student Activities form a bridge between the legal terminology presented and its real world application. This is achieved by the Student Activities being linked to a generous selection of legal precedents – a unique feature of this text.

For those who want to delve deeper into the meaning and context of legal terms, there are at least five Discussion Topics.

Finally, as a learning "checkpoint", a Unit Comprehension  comprising fill-in-the-blank, select-a-term, and matching exercises is presented.
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