Winter Oct 2020 - Apr 2021                                                                                                         Comox, BC
With the pandemic still impacting life as we know it, we spent the winter at Cape Lazo RV Park in Comox, BC.

In early October while playing crib, we thought Jen had a great hand. (Mine wasn't bad either!)

This winter mum looked fantastic at our friends Betty and Frank's in
Qualicum Beach,
We'd been back in town for almost a month. It was definitely time for some wings!
Dessert wasn't bad either!

At the entrance of the Canoe Club is a Welcome Paddle.
On my last bike ride of November, heading back along the sea shore on a sunny morning.
On Dec 10, the Christmas trucks toured the park. There were only 2 of them, but this first one was truly spectacular. The 2nd one was a pickup towing a decorated trailer.
A couple of days later walking back to the park, we noticed these rather ominous clouds obliterating the mountains.
Okay, I was only kidding. We still miss "M" but Mutsy does a good job of filling in when we need a doggy cuddle.

Even though we only have a small oven, I thought I would try making Jen's favourite: Cheese & Jalapeno scones.

I also make beef vegetable soup. Depending upon its consistency, sometimes it's more like stew, but it's still a great meal.
We didn't tell a lot of people but when our beloved pet, Mattie, passed, we had her stuffed. <grin>
Boxing Day 2020 sunset from my (right-side) window.
On another walk, we saw this old Buffalo heading towards us, then veering off and heading west. Again, quite the cloud formation!
A month later and things look a lot different.
Spring is on its way so we bought a few herbs for our kitchen windowsill.
Then just when we figured we were going to get away without any significant snowfall, this happened on Feb 13.
In very early February (6th), we spotted these crocii making their presence known.
Two days before I took the picture above right, we visited Goose Spit park and looked back across Comox harbour towards Courtenay. If you look closely you can see the Comox glacier (the flat top on the mountain at the left).
A lot of the winter looked like this.
And once in a while, like this.
The herbs were lonely so we bought them some friends. The ivy was shy so it's not in this picture.
Good thing these two sailboats have two keels!
On a walk around Comox marina, after a fantastic lunch of fish & chips from a food truck, we saw this canoe.
Here's a better view of the Comox glacier taken from a roadside park. The tide is out. When it's in, most of what you see (to the trees) is underwater.
Here we are mid-April enjoying afternoon tea in the sunshine.
It's getting close to our departure date (May 1). On our way back from our walk, you can really see the mountains.
Finally, all winter, we've been watching, and listening to, a pair of bald eagles who are nesting just above the other side of the RV park. Can you see them both?
Seal Bay Nature Park is a park we've always wanted to visit. In late April, the weather was glorious so off we went. You can view pictures of our visit by clicking on the picture.
That's about it for our winter at Cape Lazo. Not a lot of travelling around.

On May 1 we move to our summer location inland from Qualicum Beach and Parksville. QB & PV used to be our old stomping ground when we built our home in Nanoose Bay back in '91 - gosh, 30 years ago. Where has the time gone?!

See you in a few months (hopefully).