February 15, 2019

Today is our third anniversary!
Three years ago today we moved into Ali full-time. We've driven over 30,000 miles (48,000 kms) since we started travelling in Alfie & Ali in May 2015.
Look for us to begin our travels April 1 when we head south to Victoria for a couple of weeks.

Doug & Jennie
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Our previous trips:
2018  Vancouver Island, BC, & Alberta
2017   Northern Vancouver Island
2017   US Desert South-west
Winter  Vancouver Island   
2016  East Coast Canada & USA  
2015  Yukon & California
The popular RV Times magazine published our "build" article in its Nov/Dec, 2016 issue. You'll find it starting on page 18 here.
If you are interested in converting your own cargo trailer, check out the Cargo Trailer Conversion sub-forum at www.tnttt.com.
Our van Alfie​, as in "What's it all about, Alfie"
is a high-top 'conversion' van. 
Check it out.
Our trailer Ali, as in "Tin Can Alley", is an aluminum cargo trailer that we converted 
into a travel trailer. Here's how we did it.
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Other Items of Interest
 Parksville Sand Sculpting Competition

2018     Sep 18-23 - West Coast Van Isl
                Jun 7 - Jul 26 - Tour of colleges - BC & AB
                May 15-18 - Strathcona PP
                May 6-11 - Sooke, Pt Renfrew, Duncan, BC
​                Apr 21-25 - Sidney, BC
2017    Sep: Northern Vancouver Island
2017   Apr-Jun: US Desert South-West
Winter   Sep, 2016-Feb, 2017: Pedder Bay RV Park, Van.  Isl.  
2016   Feb-Oct: East Coast Canada & USA  
2015   Oct, 2015-Feb, 2016: Ocean Trails Resort, Van. Isl.
2015   May-Oct: Yukon & California
2014   Sep, 2014-Apr, 2015: Beach Acres Resort, Van. Isl.

Returned to BC in 2014
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During the winter of 2014/15, we converted our cargo trailer into a comfortable travel trailer. See below for more information.
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