December 1, 2023

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2022 Kootenays & Cariboo, BC (Summer)
2021 Vancouver Island (Winter)
2021 Vancouver Island (Summer)
2020 Vancouver Island (Winter)      
2020 Vancouver Island (Summer - due Covid)
2019  Vancouver Island (Winter)
2019  Kootenays & Sunshine Coast (Summer)
2018  Vancouver Island, BC, & Alberta (Summer)
2017  Northern Vancouver Island (Fall)
2017  US Desert South-west (Spring)
2016  Vancouver Island (Winter)
2016  East Coast Canada & USA  
2015  Yukon & California
The popular RV Times magazine published our "build" article in its Nov/Dec, 2016 issue. 
(May 2021 - Article is no longer available) 
If you are interested in converting your own cargo trailer, check out the Cargo Trailer Conversion sub-forum at
Our van Alfie​, as in "What's it all about, Alfie"
is a high-top 'conversion' van. 
Check it out.
Our trailer Ali, as in "Tin Can Alley", is an aluminum cargo trailer that we converted 
into a travel trailer. Here's how we did it.
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Sand Sculpting 

Winter     Cape Lazo RV Park, Comox, BC
2020    June - Sep - Vancouver Island
Winter      Oct 15-May 31, 2020 Cottage in Royston (500sf)
2019      Cariboo, Okanagan, Kootenays, Okanagan, Sunshine Coast
Winter     Cape Lazo RV Park, Comox, BC
2018     Sep 18-23 - West Coast Van Isl
                Jun 7 - Jul 26 - Tour of colleges - BC & AB
                May 15-18 - Strathcona PP
                May 6-11 - Sooke, Pt Renfrew, Duncan, BC
​                Apr 21-25 - Sidney, BC
2017    Sep: Northern Vancouver Island
2017   Apr-Jun: US Desert South-West
Winter   Sep, 2016-Feb, 2017: Pedder Bay RV Park, Van.  Isl.  
2016   Feb-Oct: East Coast Canada & USA  
Winter     Oct, 2015-Feb, 2016: Ocean Trails Resort, Van. Isl.
2015   May-Oct: Yukon & California
Winter   Sep, 2014-Apr, 2015: Beach Acres Resort, Van. Isl.

Returned to BC in 2014
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During the winter of 2014/15, we converted our cargo trailer into a comfortable travel trailer. For more information, click here.
Christmas Greetings
 Interested in beaded jewellery? 
 Check out Jennie's website here.
RV Travel News? Our favourite is here.
Updating the blog today (Canada Day 2020), I dis-covered a summary of our trip back to BC from Nova Scotia in the Fall, 2014. You might be interested.
A few days ago, Jennie & I moved into a small 'cottage'in Errington, just a short distance outside of Parksville, BC. We are still on Vancouver Island.
While the apartment's location was great - we walked everywhere - apartment living was just not for us - far too much noise.
We had been looking for a small house in the Comox Valley, but we were either too late or the place was not suitable for Jen.

Our new little 'cottage' is ideal. Level-entry for Jen with a very large deck to the side then grass to the trees.
More to come.

Doug & Jennie