As you read our blog, you might wonder whether you could live in a small space? 

So, I thought I would share a few of our thoughts.   

As you know, Ali is our converted cargo trailer – 7' wide by 18' long. This means we have about 120 square feet
of interior space – a 10' x 12' room. You probably have a bedroom this size in your home. 

Could you live in just your spare bedroom?
Well, our answer to that question is a resounding Yes!!  Not in your spare bedroom, but in our trailer, Ali!
​    ​    
Ali has all the comforts of home: a large kitchen and a functional bathroom, hot & cold running water; holding tanks, a large pantry; a spacious living room which doubles as a bedroom; a computer desk with flat screen TV; lots of overhead and under cabinet storage cupboards; and a large clothes closet. The ramp, when it is in patio mode, adds another 49 square feet of outdoor living space. And of course, there is all of the great outdoors just outside when we're parked.
What's It Really Like Living in a Small Space?
So back to the question: What is it really like to live in a small space
Comfortablecosy are the first words that come to mind; we have everything we need in Ali, nicely laid out, 
no wasted space.
Compact is the second word I can think of; everything is close to hand. This is especially beneficial for  Jennie – the energy she expends is far less than roaming around a 3400, 1500, or 1200 sq ft house. So energy saved for her is a real bonus.
Liberating  – we have no extra "stuff" weighing us down.

And finally, exciting. We can change our outlook, our view, our location, anytime we want.
Now I'll be the first to admit our life style is not for everyone. Some day we will settle down, but for now, we roam from one adventure to another. We will continue as long as we feel like it and are able.
So now you know why we say living in our small space is really very comfortable. 

The interesting thing is that we have space to spare – oh no, do we need more stuff??!!