GMC Savana Explorer Limited SE hightop conversion van
In Florida, as purchased
1999, 60,000 miles, original owner.
On the way home, in Myrtle Beach, SC.
Interior - sofa folds down electrically into a bed.
I built this to give a bit more storage.

 It also serves as a support for an 8" wide piece of foam to fill the gap between the top edge of the sofa and the back doors when down as a bed.
Towards the rear. Lino matches beige fabrics/walls quite nicely.
Sofa bed down.
Towards the front, you can just see the edge of plywood/lino floor at the bottom of the picture.
Curtains drawn.
Here's the lift.

You can walk through the gap.
Yes, Jennie has to duck under the door edge.
Lift down.
Lots of headroom in the van. Jen can stand up, I have to duck my head just a bit.
(We were living on the south shore of Nova Scotia when I found the van on eBay, bought it, and drove it back to NS.)