Vancouver Island, Jan-Feb 2017 
New Year's Day we decided to walk down to the coffee shop to celebrate the start of a new year. There was a little snow on the ground.
A few days later, we drove into Victoria. Here's a shot with Mount Baker in Washington state in the distance.
That's about 7" on top of the picnic table. A couple of days later, we had an additional 2"! This winter camping was starting to grind, but when the sun shone, it really was very pretty.
Donna really enjoys walking so Jen dropped us off and Donna and I walked about 5 kms up to the Sooke Potholes Park where we met up with Jen.
Along the old railway right of way, we crossed this steel trestle.

Then we headed for Whiffen Spit and a walk in the sunshine with Donna.
Good boy, Rufus!!
Donna came to visit and we walked to Sitting Lady Falls.

We couldn't forget Rufus, Terri's 5-year-old 'doodle.
One of the really nice things about our current life style is the people we meet. Last year at Oceanside RV Resort in Saanich, we met Terri. We've stayed in touch and finally got to see her new house that she had built.
After a nice walk, we drove to East Sooke and looked back at Whiffen Spit.
We went for a walk at Whiffen Spit after checking out the hotel in Sooke that our good friend Donna is going to be staying at when she comes to visit us this weekend.
The weather has been cold enough this winter to freeze the ocean!
On Feb 15, we celebrated the end of our first year living in our THOW (Tiny House on Wheels).
Now we have only a couple of weeks before we head north to Errington for a while. I have a couple of maintenance items to attend to with Alfie, some additions to Ali, then we'll be all set to hit the road for our first adventure of 2017.
Stay tuned, more to come!

On February 6, it snowed again!