We're thinking it is time to start building an Ark.
We spent yesterday in camp as it was raining - a good day to do some inside work.
Early this morning, the rain and wind returned. Ali rocked and rolled for most of the early morning. I decided, for a change, that this was an excellent day to stay in bed! And I did. Until after 9 a.m. I don't sleep in often, but it sure felt good this morning.
Mar 01 - Salmon Point Resort - last full day
Our little home-on-wheels is very comfortable, surprisingly roomy (we get along extremely well [good thing!]) but there is one annoying aspect of our travel trailer - the TIN ROOF!! It's lovely in the sunshine, but this rain is getting to be rather NOISY. I just might have to start YELLING so you can hear me.
Anyway, enough frivolity. Tomorrow we break camp and head back to Betty and Frank's for a couple of nights. Quite a bit to do in two days, laundry, packing, sorting, organizing, etc.
See you later.
Behind us - Feb 28
Today, and it is still raining!