We awoke to rain, rain, and more rain. I thought back a couple of days, when we watched our neighbours at Salmon Point break camp in the pouring rain – did not look like fun! Oh well, it was bound to happen. 

I looked at the time and decided I could wait a few minutes….whoa….it stopped raining!

The roads were wet heading south, but by the time we got to Ladysmith it was time for a break. McDonalds was ahead, so we thought, why not. The parking lot was full, but right at the front was "RV Parking". A big shout out to McDonalds for that!

We had talked about taking the Mill Bay-Brentwood ferry but I was concerned about ending up being committed if we missed the ferry – there's no room to do anything other than continue straight ahead (when there is a ferry, of course). 
Mar 04 - Down Island to Oceanside RV Resort
​Wifi at the park here is shared amongst many, but I will do my best to keep the blog up to date. 

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Fortunately we got on – the maximum allowable length was 40' which we were with my bike on the back of Ali. The short ferry ride was smooth and cut out driving up and over the Malahat and local Victoria traffic. Now if we can just remember to go to the local Thrify's grocery store, we can buy tickets for the ferry at a 40% savings.
We checked into Oceanside – it's nice to be back to a park we are familiar with – we left here, after one night, back in September on our way south to California.