May 3 - On to Livingston, MT
That's about it for today. 

Tomorrow we visit Yellowstone - can't wait! 

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We left the Flying J early this morning and went looking for a park to have breakfast and we found a nice one. Even though it was only 5C when we arrived at the park, the lovely sunshine quickly warmed us right through.
After breakfast it was back onto I90. Before long it was time to take the exit and head towards the Lewis and Clark Caverns 7 miles ahead. The scenery was spectacular.
Unfortunately, the parking lot is where you can leave your trailer and drive up into the hills to the caverns entrance. 
The grade on the road varied with 9% being the maximum steepness. That, coupled with the fact that probably only 
I would actually take the 2-hour tour, decided for us that we would give the Lewis and Clark Caverns a pass. 
As we drove back towards I90, we stopped at a road-side layby on Hwy 2 and had our morning coffee looking out at the Jefferson River. Right in front of us was this:
We would have loved to see the goose pull that landing off – if you've ever watched them land on water, they "ski" across the water for a short distance before they lose speed and drop into the water. So to land on a stump – I figure that one was Jonathan Livingston Goose. What I didn't notice that Jen pointed out was that there was another goose in the tree close by. Amazing birds those Canada geese!
We also watched a small flock (8) of pelicans, yes pelicans, circling overhead. It looked like they were looking for thermals to help lift their bodies skyward. But as we watched the white wings, two pelicans came together and then plummeted to earth. They must have impacted hard enough to break a wing because they just dropped from the sky. Sometimes Mother Nature can be cruel.

Back on I90 we took the exit to the Madison Buffalo Jump only to be presented with a sign that said it was 7 miles down a gravel road. Nope, no thanks, so we turned back onto the interstate.
The rest of the morning was uneventful and we arrived at Osen's RV Park around lunchtime. This is a nice, small park and the hosts, Mindy & Peter are wonderful, as is their RV Park. We have a nice spot close to the washrooms. Thanks for that, Mindy.