May 7 - Devils Tower, WY & Custer, SD
It rained last night. I wasn't looking forward to breaking camp this morning, but when it came time to disconnect everything, the raindrops (from the trees overhead) had subsided.
We said goodbye to Buffalo, not really sure what the weather was going to be like today. But we were pleasantly surprised. Looks a little gloomy but it was not raining.

And some of these: Nodding donkeys as Jen calls them.
Along the way, we saw antelope.
By the time we arrived in Gillette, WY just before noon, the weather was very pleasant. We gassed up then found Dalbey Memorial Park and had coffee. 
Gillette is a major producer of coal with 4 mines in the area. Check out Powder River coal for more information.
We continued on to Moorcroft then turned NE towards Devils Tower. Along the way we saw more antelope just off the highway.

As we approached Devils Tower, the scenery changed from wide open spaces to this – pretty.
And then there was Devils Tower on the horizon. 
We drove to the entrance, checked in and began the 3 mile drive to the Visitor Centre.
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Devils Tower was absolutely breathtaking. We are very glad we visited today.
On the way to our final destination – Custer, SD – we saw a couple of "mini" Devils Towers.

Then we crossed into South Dakota.
We arrived at Beaver Lake Campground just outside of Custer. We'll be here for few days so that we can visit Mt Rushmore, Jewel Cave, Needles and the scenic drives in Custer State Park.
See you tomorrow.