May 9 - Walkabout Custer, SD & Jewel Cave
That's it for today. Tomorrow perhaps a scenic drive before we leave Custer the following day.

See you then.

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We awoke to a slightly damp cool morning. Today was to be a
 "rest" day - not a lot of driving. This afternoon, we drove to
 Custer and strolled the main street (Mt Rushmore Rd.), 
sometimes in the light rain showers, then it was back to Ali.

We then headed west a few miles to visit Jewel Cave National Monument.
"The tour route involves walking up and down 723 stair steps along a 1/2 mile loop, (equivalent to 40 flights of stairs). During the Scenic Tour, you will see two types of calcite crystals known as nailhead spar and dogtooth spar, which are the "jewels" of Jewel Cave. In addition, you can view boxwork, cave popcorn, flowstone, stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, and a long ribbon drapery called the cave bacon."
Credit: US National Park Service
The tour, advertised as a 1 hr, 20 minute long tour, was actually closer to 2 hours. The elevation change on the tour was 379'. Here are some of the pictures I took. For more pictures and information, check out: Jewel Cave National Monument.
<------- Cave Bacon - can you see it?