May 21 - St. Ignace, MI
Well last night was interesting. You 
know I love trains – been a model 
railroader all my life – but last night
my affection for the massive beasts
started to wain. It seemed every 
½ hour or so another diesel horn let loose. Not just a short blast, but the kind you hear when a train approaches a highway crossing – blaaaaaaaaah….. blaaaaaaaaah….. blah… blah… blah. I don't think either of us got a really good long deep sleep. Of course this morning there was nary a horn for 2-3 hours. Go figure.
So it is Saturday of the May long weekend in Canada and we're heading north and east to St Ignace, MI today. It's not a long drive. The weather is sunny and warm.

We stopped along the way for coffee, then a walk, then lunch. Just a nice leisurely pace.

It's interesting that Spring is still happening here in northern Michigan. Some of the deciduous trees have sprouted their new, bright green leaves, others are still struggling to do so. Of course, this means that Jen is suffering another bout of springtime allergies. The same thing occurred last year as we headed north to the Yukon; we followed Spring all the way to Whitehorse.
We arrived at Tiki RV resort in St. Ignace mid-afternoon and picked a spot with a view of Lake Michigan. We're here 
for 2 nights. 
After tea, we drove to the Mackinac bridge lookout -  quite an impressive structure.

On Monday we head back into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie and travel east to friend Mary's in Massey, ON. So we will be off the grid, so to speak, for a few days while we visit with Mary.

We're booked on the ferry from Manitoulin Island to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula on Thursday.

We'll catch you later at the next wifi hotspot.