Introduction to Law, 3e
This 100% Canadian introductory law text is for a wide variety of students. It is of particular benefit to those who plan on pursuing legal studies, business law, and entrepreneurship.
For students who have taken a basic legal terminology 
course, this text provides a review but adds a lot of new information relating to:
  •   our legal system
  •   working in a law firm
  •   civil law & litigation
  •   criminal law
  •   family law
  •   corporate law
  •   real estate law
  •   wills & estates law
  •   employment & labour law. 

The material is easy to read and understand. It is enhanced with many topical legal precedents to help students link their knowledge to real-world, practical applications. It also highlights specific legal considerations facing business law and entrepreneurship students when they enter the workforce.
Each of the nine units has four Test Your Knowledge sections, each with ten questions in four different formats: 
  •   Select-a-term
  •   Short Answer
  •   Fill-in-the-Blanks
  •   True/False. 
That's 360 questions in the text!

NEW to the 3rd Edition 

The legal precedents that were in the Documents section of each unit in the 2nd edition are now on-line, updated, and downloadable from the publisher's website.
Additional legal terminology and information have been added to all units.

Many additional Expand Your Knowledge projects as well as updated projects relating to recent court cases are included.

See Introduction to Law, 3rd Edition: What's New? for a detailed listing of all changes.
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​Each unit also contains an Expand Your Knowledge section that presents a number of research and discussion topics, designed to expand your students' legal knowledge and to examine legal issues in greater depth and from varying perspectives.