Legal Terminology: The Basics, 2e
This 100% Canadian text is for students who want to enter law-related occupations or are interested in expanding their knowledge of legal terms as a life skill. It demystifies legal terminology through simple explanations and easy-to-understand examples.
The text covers:
  •   general law
  •   civil law and litigation
  •   criminal law
  •   family law
  •   corporate law
  •   real estate and conveyancing law
  •   wills and estates law. 

​Each unit has at least one Scenario which follows a fictitious family as it faces various legal situations. These Scenarios help students to put each area of law into an everyday perspective.
To further enhance students' learning, Student Activities form a bridge between the legal terminology presented and its real world application. This is achieved by the Student Activities being linked to a generous selection of legal precedents – a unique feature of this text.

For those who want to delve deeper into the meaning and context of legal terms, there are at least five Discussion Topics.

Finally, as a learning "checkpoint", a Unit Comprehension  comprising fill-in-the-blank, select-a-term, and matching exercises is presented.

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