Working in a Law Office: Instructor Manual Overview
An Introduction
  • Overview
  • Audience
  • Instructional Delivery Methods
  • Organization of the Text
  • Simulation Components
General Information
  •  Law Firm Conventions - Capitalization and Formatting​
  • ​Alphabetic List of Law Firm Precedents in Text
  • List of Audio and Other Files Required by Students
  • Overall Background to Simulations
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Simulation Instructor Notes and Answer Keys​
  • Task Overview - Description, Legal Area, Province, Files Required by Student
  • Instructor Notes - Learning Moments in Text, Task Purpose, Key Task Information
  • Answer Keys
Audio and Other Files Required by Students​
  • These files may be uploaded to your College's computer system for distribution to your students; however, these files are copyrighted by Tusker International Consulting Ltd. and must not be copies, shared, resold, or otherwise distributed.