Welcome to my "hobby" page.

As a kid, I bought plastic models of planes, cars, and 
trucks and had loads of fun putting them together. 
I was given the proverbial Lionel train set when we 
moved to Downsview in 1952. I bought my first HO scale 
diesel engine when I was 16 from Avenue Road Hobbies 
in Toronto, ON. I still have this engine and the original 
power pack.  

Back in the 1980's when Jennie & I bought our first 
house in Richmond, BC there wasn't enough room for 
a layout but I did have room for a workshop. Well, I 
guess there was enough room for a small layout, but 
even way back then, I wanted a BIG layout. So instead, 
I busied myself for years making models of Canadian 
Pacific and CP Rail diesel engines that you couldn't buy back then - they just were not available. I started with an inexpensive kit, added details specific to CP, custom painted and decalled the engines. I ended up with about 40 diesels and one 4-8-8-4 Big Boy steam locomotive.

Below are links to some of the above as well as to train shows I have attended, model railroads I have operated, and layouts that I have helped build.

My Models

Model Train Shows

Layouts Operated

Layouts Helped Build
Trains, Planes, but not Automobiles                                                                                    September 2020