Winter, 2019/2020
During our summer tour, we talked on and off about perhaps trying to find rental accommodation for this coming winter. We thoroughly enjoy being in our rig, Ali, all 120 sq ft of it. 

For Jen it is advantageous - walking distances are short. For me, I have my chair and ottoman set up so I can do my hobbies. For both of us, Ali is just fantastic - we can stay for as long as we want or move to the next location whenever we feel like it

On that note, after returning to Cape Lazo RV Park on Oct. 1, we decided to kick it into high gear and get serious about finding a place for the winter. Some of the families currently in the park have extremely noisy young kids.

The third ad I responded to was for a cottage in Royston. The main house sits on 1 acre of waterfront. The 500 sq ft cottage, recently renovated, sits at the corner of the lot close to the dead-end road in front. We loved the cottage and its location. The couple who own the property had no problems with us storing our trailer next to the cottage. 
We moved in Tuesday Oct 15, exactly 3½ years to the day we started our full-time travels in Ali back in Feb. 15, 2016.