It was that kind of morning – rainy and cool. Something was telling me to stay snuggled in bed. But then that urge struck me….you know that urge….the one where you just know you're not going to be comfortable unless….damn, I have to pee! Oh well, I guess it was time to get up anyway! 

After a leisurely breakfast, I made tea for Jen, and caught up on the news of the day thanks to the Internet. 

After Jennie had her breakfast, we decided to work on the next edition of her textbook: Introduction to Law. A couple hours later, having finished working on Unit 6, we decided it was time to celebrate with a coffee. Okay, where to today?

We drove out to Michell's Farm Market just a short drive down the Pat Bay highway. Afterwards we headed to the Fresh Cup Roastery Café for elevenses. Actually it was later than 11 a.m., but that didn't stop us. The Fresh Cup was nice as were the pastries – we will return.

Afterwards we headed west to the Institute of Ocean Sciences on the west side of the peninsula. We pulled into the parking area and went for a stroll along the waterfront.

Mar 07 - Fresh Cup Roastery Cafe, North Saanich, BC
​Back in the van we headed north to Lands End Road, then east to the Pat Bay highway. We took the first turnoff and headed towards Sidney, then on to Oceanside. 
After the rain overnight and this morning, it's been a nice day – dry with some sunny breaks.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring?? 

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