The weather forecast for today is rain this afternoon, so we decided to head out early. After breakfast, we drove into Sidney, parked Alfie, and headed to the Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre – Aquarium of the Salish Sea.
The Salish Sea is a name that BC and Washington state gave to three bodies of water: the Strait of Georgia, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Puget Sound.
Mar 09 - Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre – Aquarium of the Salish Sea, Sidney, BC
​We left the aquarium and headed to Georgia Station for coffee and tea. We sat inside today as the weather was changing – it was starting to rain as forecast.

After refreshments, I went and got Alfie. Jen waited by the coffee shop – we don't like to get her wheelchair wet if we can help it – then we headed back to Oceanside. The heavens opened up. We were warm and cosy in Ali.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little drier!

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The staff on reception were extremely kind. Not only did they give Jen and I a discount, but they also told us about a Leisure Card – some sort of discount card – we have to check that out.
The aquarium was very interesting, very touchy-feely, for Jen anyway. As official photographer, I decided not to get my hands wet. The staff were also very helpful – not in your face – they magically appeared when we wanted to ask a question. Thanks to them all!!
The displays in the aquarium were very well done and informative. If you are ever in the Sidney area, we highly recommend a visit.

Here are some pictures that do not do the exhibits justice:

This large tank is just inside the entrance: the jellies are about 6" in diameter.
How many fish do you see in the above picture?
This large tank goes from about 36" off the floor to the ceiling.