​Just a brief update today – the weather has been a bit wet and windy of late – one of the few disadvantages of being on the left coast. But when the sun shines here, there is no finer place to be.

We headed out this morning to Smitty's for breakfast. 

Mar 12 - Breakfast in Sidney, BC
It was nice to stretch our legs, catch some sun, and fresh air! 

See you next time!

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We like Smitty's 'cause the food is always good, the service great, and the price is right. We sometimes take advantage of their Seniors' dinner specials on Monday through Wednesday evenings. If you haven't tried Smitty's, you should. Anyway, back to today.
The sun was shining in amongst the clouds – it is going to be a nice 
day! After breakfast we drove to Lochside Drive, parked the van, 
and walked Sidney's Waterfront Walkway, a flat, barrier-free 
surface along the oceanfront. We didn't do the entire walk as it is 
approximately 2.5 km long.