Mar 16 - Old Friends and a Walk in the Sunshine in Sidney
We awoke this morning to glorious sunshine – a welcome change from all the rain and wind we have had recently. 
Before I get to today's tour, I'd like to tell you that two days ago (Monday) we drove into Victoria to meet up with our old next door neighbour, Ellie, from Conquerall Bank, NS.
Ellie's son, daughter-in-law, and grandson Lenny live in Esquimalt. Ellie was visiting and we took advantage and met her for lunch. We went to Spinnakers on the harbour – we went there last year with her. It was great seeing Ellie again – she is such a lovely lady. Sad to say, our lunch (Jennie's and mine) was a little bland, but hey, the company was great!
Sorry but I forgot to take some pictures.
Then yesterday we drove out to Metchosin for dinner with our young Czech friends, Jarda & Petra. They are the couple that rescued Jennie's purse when she accidentally left it in a public washroom in Qualicum Beach last year. What a great couple – it's so much fun to get together with them. We listened to their travel adventures in the south west US this past November->January – 15,000 kms in 10 weeks! Phew! I thought we drove a lot!! But as Petra said, they averaged only about 200 miles a day. We will see Jarda & Petra again when they visit us at Oceanside in a week or so. 
Our table at My Chosen Cafe was right in front of a small firepace - boy we couldn't have asked for a nicer table!
Now onto today's adventure! 
As it looked like it was going to be a good day, we decided we would head out and do some sightseeing. After parking the van in Sidney, getting Jen all set with her w/chair, we headed off, past the aquarium, to the 2.5 km Heart Smart Walk along the water's edge. You may remember last week, we walked along the southern end of this walk.

It was nice to get out. The breeze just had a little bit of a bite to it, but the sunshine was great. We must have walked for close to an hour when the paved path turned to gravel. Okay, we've had enough - time for a coffee/tea. We headed to the Georgia Station and sat outside – it was really warm in the sunshine.

Sidney certainly has a lot going for it – we are quite impressed with the vibrancy of the town, the shops, the activities, and the opportunities/ways of getting around – lots of walks, dedicated bike paths, parks, etc. We could almost live here! Well, maybe one day.

Hope you had a good day – see you next time!