Mar 25 - A Walk up Hospital Hill
The sun is shining this morning - too nice not to go do something outdoors!
We hopped in Alfie and drove up and around Lands End Road at the top of the Saanich Peninsula then down the west side to Pat Bay. We walked along Pat Bay last week so this time we walked up the trail to Hospital Hill.

Now just in case you are wondering why someone would build a runway at the base of a hill, it is not that big a hill - perhaps 50-60' at the top.
There were a lot of people out enjoying the sunshine, walking, biking, etc. On the walk up to Hospital Hill, we passed cyclist down on the pavement. It looked like she had come off her bike trying to break her fall with her right arm. Paramedics were on scene splinting her arm as we passed.

We got to the highest point on the trail and saw these:
These are the original gates in almost the original position when the hospital was here during WWII.
We walked a little further then turned around and headed back down the hill.
On the way back to Alfie, we passed this:
We drove back around the terminal building at Victoria International - I had this dumb idea we could grab a coffee there -but decided to continue on. We headed for a cafe we knew but then drove right by the Roost Farm. We sat at a picnic table and enjoyed refreshments in the sunshine.
I volunteered to take Rufus for a walk. This is the first time I've taken a dog for a walk in 6 months. It was nice but not as nice as walking Mattie. Yeah, I still miss her.
We got back to our site in time for tea. 
Apparently, Rufus doesn't like lying on gravel, so he hopped up and lay down on the picnic table. How cute is that!

We chatted with Terri for a couple of hours in the sunshine. What a treat! 
That's about all for today. See you next time.

We arrived back at Oceanside and decided to go for a walk around the park. On the way back to our site, we saw a Golden Doodle and his owner walking towards us. Not having had a cuddle for far too long, we asked if we could say hi. We chatted with Terri, Rufus' owner at length. After a while, I asked Terri if she would like to join us for tea.