Mar 28 - Jarda & Petra Visit
Well, the weather has finally caught up to the season – still cool overnight, but lovely and warm sunshine during the day. The forecast for the entire week looks the same – sunshine and warm temperatures – YEA!!

Yesterday (Sunday) was on-again, off-again showers. Late in the day I mentioned to Jen that I had not once stepped outside Ali today. When Jen got ready for bed, she said the same thing – the door was still locked from last night. Our day was very relaxing and comfortable. Who says you can't live in a small space?!

Today our young Czech couple, Jarda and Petra, visited us at Oceanside. We had tea outside in the sunshine, then headed off to the Prairie Inn for dinner.

While three of us decided to go with something "mundane", Petra decided on the Belly Buster burger. Immediately upon ordering, the server said "No, you don't want that". Petra, not to be discouraged by the server, discussed her choice with Jarda then went ahead with her order. The server politely suggested that she had advised Petra what she was in for.
Fancy a desert? Jen and I decided to share a cheesecake while Petra thought Brownies and ice cream sounded nice. I should have taken a picture, but just imagine 3 very large brownies on an oval plate with a very, very large scoop of vanilla ice cream on top along with some whipped cream. Jarda jumped in to give Petra a hand, even I had a few mouthfuls. It was goooood!

We returned to Oceanside and had after dinner tea. Jarda and Petra told us more about their southwest US trip – what to see and where not to go. This might be the last time we see our new friends for a while.