May 5 - A Walkabout in Livingston, MT
Livingston was on the agenda today, specifically the railroad museum. I checked the museum's website – Open Today – great, so off we went.
We strolled through the historic downtown.
We stopped for coffee at the Beanery right beside the railroad station and shared a cinnamon bun in the sunshine.
After coffee we walked to the railroad station (aka museum) only to find it closed. I guess you can't believe everything you read on the web! The museum is housed in this magnificent old railroad station.
I hope I didn't bore you with all this train talk. Today's diesel locomotives are large, powerful, fascinating machines.
Tomorrow we head east past Billings, MT to an RV park in Buffalo, WY. See you there.

Oh well, slightly dejected, but my pulse quickened when I heard a diesel horn. A long BNSF freight came into town on the mainline – right in front of us. We had been chatting with a local railroad buff who happened by – he was very knowledgeable about the local happenings. When the BNSF freight left town, I heard another diesel horn. Our local railroad buff said those were the pushers – Montana Rail Link. Apparently there is a long climb from Boseman to Livingston where "helpers" are needed to push the long trains up the hill. Once the train gets up the hill, the helpers return to base, so to speak.