May 6 - East to Wyoming
Up at the crack of dawn, I was able to post the videos I took at Yellowstone before we packed up and left Livingston.
We gassed up and headed east on I90 just before 9 a.m. We have all day to reach our destination so we took our time. Boy, the weather was strange – low cloud with a lot of "smog" in the air.
We reached Billings, MT by 10:30 and headed to Riverside Park for a coffee break. 

As we drove in, we saw numerous Canada Geese and goslings littering the grassy areas.
Back on the road, we continued our drive through Billings. Billings is home to three oil refineries – here's a picture of one of them.
The scenery today has been a combination of rolling hills and grassland.  
We stopped at a rest stop for a break and noticed this fairly obvious sign. Stay on the concrete walks, eh?! Guess where the picnic tables were – right, on the grass a distance away from the sidewalks.
Just before we left the rest stop, a big 5th wheel pulled in. I couldn't resist the comparison – maybe nice to have but a lot to haul around vs Alfie & Ali. 
A short while later we pulled into the Little Bighorn Battlefield Monument. Neither of us are into cowboys and Indians, but we have our NPS pass, so why not.
Well, it was very interesting. We drove the five miles from the museum to the battlefield. We both remarked on this monument. Notice how "troop" is hyphenated. (Sorry, our editor side is showing!)

Stone markers stand where Custer's men fell during the battle. There are 249 markers in and around the battlefield.
In the museum, this summed it up for me:
The museum had some very nice displays and information, including a video, on the battle.

If you are interested, here is the link to the NPS site.
Back on I90, we headed south for Wyoming. And there it was, the welcome sign.
We pulled into the tourist info centre in Sheridan, WY to pick up some literature. One of the staff was from Innisfail, ON - Toronto as he called it ("No one knows where Innisfail is"). We had a good chat. Apparently the "smog" we noticed in the air is from the fires in Canada - "Canada is burning" as we were told.

A few miles later, we pulled into Indian Campground and RV Park in Buffalo, WY. We're here for the night.
Tomorrow we head for Devil's Tower and then Custer, SD where we will stay for a few days to visit the sights, 
including Mt Rushmore.
Til then..