May 16 - Through Minnesota to La Crosse, WI & the Mississippi River
Don't know what there is to see and do in La Crosse, but we have a lovely site so we may just chill out.

Catch you later.

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We departed Sioux Falls early this morning - almost couldn't wait to put this dismal campsite behind us. By 9 a.m. we had arrived at the Minnesota Visitor Center on I90. 
With all due respect to Minnesota there isn't a lot to see. We saw a lot, I mean a lot, of these.
And one of these.
Just past Austin we turned off I90 onto Hwy 16 through the "Bluffs". In one field we saw camels! As we approached Rushford, we saw a sign advertising ice cream, so instead of turning right at the stop sign, we turned left, parked the rig and went in for some ice cream.

Well, as the server was "building" Jen's waffle-cone ice cream she asked if she wanted 2 scoops. The single scoop in the waffle cone looked pretty unexciting, so Jen said "sure", at which point the servers added 3+ more scoops to the waffle cone. I had a double cone as well and I found it almost too much. Jen got through about half of her cone before she had to give up - it was just too much.
The drive through the "Bluffs" was pretty and a pleasant change from the Infernal 90.
Before we knew it, we were crossing the mighty Mississippi River in La Crosse, WI. 
We booked into Pettibone Resort, an RV park right on an island in the middle of the Mississippi. We're here for 
2 nights.