Sep 12 - ​100 Mile House, BC
Maud, our intrepid GPS, got us to the meeting place in plenty of time. I still had her programmed for "miles" so when I saw "Salmon Arm – 24 kms" I didn't do the conversion. Kilometres go by a lot quicker than miles! We were there in no time flat!

We had a nice lunch then it was time to say another goodbye and get back on the road. We are heading for my old chum Colin's place just outside of 100 Mile House, according to Maud, about 3½ hours away.

The only notable item was the climb out of Little Fort on the Yellowhead Hwy heading west along Hwy 24. It's about a 10 km climb. We did the bottom half in 2nd gear, then the steeper top half in 1st gear. Attaboy Alfie!!

We arrived just about 6:30 p.m. We're here for 3 days then we head south to Hope and west to the lower mainland where we catch BC Ferries to the Island Saturday afternoon.

See you later.

We enjoyed a leisurely morning with Judy & Gary, but before 
we knew it, it was time to hit the road. We said our goodbyes 
and continued our journey north to Sorrento, BC.
We are meeting our old friends, Ron & Linda, at Quaaout Lodge
 just west of Sorrento for lunch. Another perfect day for a drive.