Jun 30Shopping in Matane, QC
Jun 29Lunch in Sainte-Flavie, QC 
Jun 28Metis-sur-Mer on the Gaspe, QC
Jun 27La vieux Montmagny, QC
Jun 26Touring St Michel & Berthier-sur-mer, QC
Jun 25Montmagny, QC
Jun 24The Wine Route & Summit Drive, Eastern Townships, QC
Jun 23Back to Quebec & Venise-de-Quebec, QC
Jun 22Doran Bay Model Ship Museum, Iroquois, ON
Jun 21Upper Canada Village, Morrisburg, ON
Jun 20Perth, ON
Jun 18Healthy Living Festival & Rideau Canal Museum
Jun 17The Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario
Jun 16Smiths Falls, ON & the Rideau Canal
Jun 14Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa, ON
Jun 13Wakefield, QC & Bate Island Park, Ottawa, ON
Jun 11-12Cool, Cloudy, & Windy, Cantley, QC
Jun 9Hardstones, Nepean, ON
Jun 8A Visit to the US Embassy, Ottawa, ON
Jun 7Wakefield, QC
Jun 3-6Our Nation's Capital - Ottawa, ON
Jun 2Quyon Ferry & Cantley, QC

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June, 2016
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